What makes each tea different?”

Talking about tea, people might be wondering what makes each of them different? How is it green tea is in green colour and black tea is in darker colour? How some tea tastes milder than the other & how some teas are caffeine-free? 

Most tea: Green, Oolong, Black are derived from the same Camellia Sinensis species of plant. What makes each tea taste different depends on how they are processed after the leaves are picked. Other factor such as temperature, humidity and air conditions also can affect the tea flavour. 


Have you noticed how apple starts to form a brownish layer after you slice it open and left it at room temperature for some time? This is one of oxidation process example.  

Green tea is the type of unoxidized tea. This means that upon plucking the leaf, it is quickly treated with heat treatments to stop the oxidation process. Green tea has less caffeine than black tea and have a grassy taste. The best green tea is produced in Japan and China because of their long tradition. Fulleaf Tea Store’s green tea are all imported fresh from Japan. Our all-time fav is Roasted Green Tea Houjicha & Kakegawa Green Tea! Click link to see our other green tea variety. 


Black tea on the other hand is heavily oxidized which is why the colour of the leaves is darker with brownish-black colour. Due to the full oxidation process, black tea produces stronger flavour. In Fulleaf, our tea expert have specially mix black tea with rose petal & bentong ginger to bring a and unique and balanced taste. You might want to try this out especially when you need something that can help you focus on your tasks. 


If black tea is fully oxidized and green tea is not oxidised, oolong tea is somewhere in between. Due to the variety of oxidation- they may be oxidized for only a short period of time or may undergo more thorough oxidation to the level of a black tea.  For example, GABA oolong tea is the tea that has undergone a special oxygen-free fermentation process, and as a result, has accumulated GABA in tea leaves. 


Unlike black, green and oolong tea, Herbal teas in exception are made from infused dried herbs, fruits, and flowers. They are alo steeped in a manner like tea. Some herbal tea are often referred to as “tisanes”, which is a French word meaning “beverage made from herbal infusion. You can also experiment and create creative blends using single-ingredient teas like mixing Roselle and Rose Buds for a new flavour! Check out our “unexpected blend” to see how we mix different herbal tea in one cup serving.  

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