✨ Theme: Forgiving

When life hits us hard, there is nothing as effective as forgiveness to heal wounds. In this holy month, let us cleanse our heart by practising self-forgiveness which will eventually enable you to extend that forgiveness to others.  It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive. Forget the past and reconnect with our Kurma Tea Series. It’s time to celebrate peace.

Macik’ Aisyah loves using ginger and turmeric to enhance her cooking.

According to our tea experts, this unexpected blend of ginger and turmeric has amazing benefits,

Just like how our ‘nenek moyang’ used this ingredient in culinary in order to boost up their immune system.

We use quality kurma powder which contains high mineral and blend with our dried ginger and turmeric. The outcome? A very tasty and healthy tea for Ramadan!?

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  • Kurma Tea Aisyah 

  • Kurma Tea Khadija

  • Kurma Tea Aminah

  • Kurma Tea Fatima

  • Kurma Tea Marya

Keep up with the Ramadan spirit and buka puasa with the exquisitely curated tea.


Kurma Tea Set Yusof??

Abang Yusof is your local street vendor that has everything you could possibly need!

Same way, this tea set has all the 5 new flavours of our ‘Kurma series’ ?