✨ Theme: Sharing

Got no one to hug? Did you know that the same oxytocin hormone which helps to relieve stress, is released when you share something with others? Not only that, sharing is beyond caring as it will also make you and your surrounding happier. Grab our Kurma Tea Series and share this wonderful blend with your beloved now!


‘Macik’ Aisyah loves using ginger and turmeric to enhance her cooking.

Just like how our ‘nenek moyang’ used this ingredient in culinary in order to boost up their immune system.

We use quality kurma powder which contains high mineral and blend with our dried ginger and turmeric.

The outcome? A very tasty and healthy tea for Ramadan!?


Auntie Fatima has been famous for her delicious Malaysian kueh using pandan flavoring! What better way to celebrate this beautiful month in Malaysia than creating a pandan-flavored date tea drink!

Lemongrass gives a fresh element to the sweet bursts from date and pandan.

Malaysia truly Asia? Boleh! Ramadan Mubarak?