Theme: Thoughtful

Salam Ramadan to all Muslims. The holy and blessed month is here! In this holy month, let us strive to refine our manners and nourish our soul with kindness and goodness.

Talking about kindness, when was the last time you practiced thoughtfulness? To be thoughtful means to think of others before you speak or do something. To hold your thoughts in your mind before you simply blurt it out. To care about others and put their needs front and center. Overall, being thoughtful is about paying attention to people around you, reflect on the situation and react in a nice way.  In this holy month, it is time for us to learn to be more thoughtful and considerate of others. 

Thinking of what your beloved are having for their iftar?

Why not share our Kurma Tea Series with them! It’s the thought that count..

This tea blend is specially curated for Aminah, a working mother who takes care of her family and her own business. If you can relate to Aminah’s hustle, you will understand how important self-care is! This blend contains rosehip which has 3x more vitamin C than regular oranges.

Combining the high Vitamin C content of rosehip and the high mineral content of dates, it makes the perfect health match for this Ramadan month ?


Ms Maryam is romantic by nature, and romantic people are passionate, creative and often joyful! She is passionate of her work and creative in her house decor.

If you are just as romantic like Maryam, then this tea blend is for you!

Combining delicate pink rose and fresh lemongrass that is sure to keep you energized during fasting ?


Khadija is the ideal women-on-the-go. Busy women tend to feel dehydration, bloating and headaches because of less rest, fast food and high screen time.

This fasting-inspired drink contains Chrysanthemum which will cool your body and soothe your mind, keeping headaches at bay! Happy fasting to all our busy women heroes?


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