High quality tea is only possible because of high quality processing!

  • Straight from the farm
  • Packed on request
  • Natural Agriculture techniques
  • Contains healthy elements


To provide everyone with great tasting tea which is sourced naturally and has healthy elements.

  Refer to your friends and family! / 

  • Fixed commission of 10% per sale
  • No minimum sales required
  • More than 80 varieties of tea to promote
  • No registration fees
  • Commission paid every month in the first week


  How it work? / 

1. Share your URL link in social media or some group chat

2. When some one click your URL link and purchase of any

3. You will earn 10% of the Sale



  1. What is FTS Kongsi Club-CASH BACK program?

FTS club is a community consisting of those who are part of the cash back proragm , who get extra perks and benefits based on their performance!

  1. What are the advantages of joining the FTS Kongsi Club-CASH BACK program?

There is no registration fee, join for free! Your referral URL can be used by anyone, anytime, as many times possible. There is a wide variety of products available in Fulleaf tea, and you get 10% commission for every successful purchase from anyone.

  1. Who can join the FTS Kongsi Club-CASH BACK program?

All Malaysians/non-Malaysians living in Malaysia. Especially those with a good social media presence

  1. How do I join the FTS Kongsi Club-CASH BACK program?

Apply and register on the website: https://fulleaftea.store/affiliate area/

Once registration is complete, an approval email will be sent after reviewing your application. The email will contain the rules and regulations of your membership.

You will receive your unique referral url. Share with friends and family to start making money!

How to register / 

  1. Click ‘register now’
  2. Complete online form by filling in the correct details
  3. Click ‘Register’ to submit your application.

Where can you share a URL link? /

  1. Share on social media (facebook/istagram/blogs) etcs. Even through whatsapp. Whichever feels comfortable to you knowing that you can reach a wide range of people.

Congratulations! After every month you will receive your 10% commission