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We have been in our tea business for quite a long time. We have come out with new ideas for every festive, occasion, fulfilling clients’ demands, and many more. However, the unprecedented-Covid-time has brought out a new angle of our perspective towards this field – unity. We believe that standing together is much better than standing alone. It’s a beautiful concept of bringing people together to accomplish something better, together. Hence, why we recruited agents from all around Malaysia because we believe in the power of unity. It’s energizing, empowering, and rewarding for all parties involved. That’s the power of collaboration. To amplify these culture, we decided to launch Fulleaf Partnership Program so that we can reach more business owner, strive together and hone each other’s strength 
To connect, collaborate & get out of comfort zone together with small  business owner, mom-preneur, home-preneur for a better progression and positive impact with a collaborative spirit


Why Join Us?

  • Free Registration Fee

  • Gain Brand Exposure 

  • Collaboration for Occasion event

  • Widen your customer base


Joined Brand

Tea is not just a beverage, but a sensation. The warm cup clutched between your hands as smoke rises and fogs your window is an experience. Every tea flavour will set and fill up your feeling of your day. So choose wisely, and have a “Cuppa with Kimberly”


How to register?

  1. Register your details in our Google form.​ 
  2. Upon successful registration, we will notify you via WhatsApp. ​
  3. Within 7 days of working days, we will upload your products to our website & ready for sale

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Detox-Loose Weight

Pure Hojicha Powder 50g

RM19.50 RM9.75
RM36.00 RM10.80
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Pure Japanese herbal tea

Japanese Herb – Barley Tea

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